Japanese Bugaku and USA Indian Dance Company
-The Classical dances of the Silk Road-

2009 Tokyo poster Nataraj Performing Arts of India is a non-profit arts and educational organization which is located in western Massachusetts. Ranjanaa Devi who heads the organization is an internationally known performer and choreographer and has presented her work in many prestigious venues around the world. She is also the Founder Director of the Asian Arts & Culture Program at the Fine Arts Center, University of Massachusetts and Resident Guest faculty in the Five College Dance Department.
The collaboration between Kitanodai Gagaku Orchestra and the University of Massachusetts began with a bugaku workshop held at the University in 1998. In 2004, in addition to gagaku and bugaku workshops, the collaboration of Chanoyu and the Sho a gagaku instrument was offered for the first time at the University. In April 2008, the Sakura festival was held at Bowker Auditorium to introduce gagaku music and other forms of Japanese culture such as waka poem, Ikebana and Chanoyu. The series of past collaborations with Prof. Ranjanaa Devi has led to this joint performance of bugaku and Indian classical dance.
Gagaku, perfected during the Heian period in Japan under the influence of the Asian continent, and the Indian classical dances, greatly influenced the dances in Asian countries, joined together for this concert to explore their roots and connections.

Casals Hall
Hiratsuka Central Public Hall
July 11, 2009  Casals Hall at Nihon University in Tokyo
Attendance:400 people
Organized by: Kitanodai Gagaku Orchestra and Nataraj Performing Arts of India, Inc.
Sponsored by: Embassy of India

July 12, 2009  Hiratsuka Central Public Hall in Kanagawa Pref.  Attendance:420people
Organized by: Kitanodai Gagaku Orchestra, Nataraj Performing Arts of India, Inc. and Hiratusk Cultural Foundation
Sponsored by: Embassy of India, Kanagawa Prefectural Government, Hiratsuka City, Hiratsuka City Board of Education, Hiratsuka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
 【Program】Part 1: Bugaku "Ryo o ranjo", "Seikaiha", "Kocho"  
Part 2: Indian Clasical dances "Manik Veena", "Charya padas: Three Songs",  
"Pallavi in Raga Mohana", "Tala Chakra: Rhythm Circles"

Ryo o ranjo Ryo o ranjo Seikaiha Seikaiha Kocho
Pallavi in Raga Mohana Charya padas Tala Chakra Ranjanaa Devi
curtain call curtain call Casals Hall Hiratsuka Central Public Hall Indian candleholder

Comments by attendees:
"Bugaku shows the great harmony of sound, light, tranquility and movements and even in the slow rhythm (music), high and strong spirituality were felt." "The beautiful costumes created such an elegant atmosphere and I really felt that gagaku was truly the source of Japanese culture."
"Kitanodai Gagaku Orchestra has been doing wonderful job of presenting Japanese culture to many people." "The Indian dance highlighted by the illumination was subtle and profound."
"It was the first time to see an authentic Indian dance." "The spontaneous movement of a hip and the soft and gentle feministic pauses which are the typical characteristic of Odissi dance were very beautiful."
"The comparison between the tranquil but beautiful and elegant bugaku dance and the free and spontaneous movement of the Indian dance led us to feel the profound history of the Silk Road and the long passage of time."

Nataraj Nataraj Profile of Nataraj Performing Arts of India, Inc.:
Nataraj Performing Arts of India is a non-profit arts and educational organization that promotes the understanding of South Asian culture through dance, theater and music programs in the United States. Located in western Massachusetts but with its roots in India, Nataraj presents traditional and contemporary dance concerts and educational workshops for schools with its resident dance company Nataraj Dancers. Their work is unique and innovative, bridging Eastern and Western artistic and cultural traditions in its presentations. The dance company represents a multi-generational group of dancers drawn from many cultures of the world that receive training from and have studied under Ranjanaa Devi, an internationally known dancer, choreographer and educator from India.
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