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Concerts at Vienna, again
November 13-14, 2009
Ryo-o ranjo After the performance for the opening ceremony of the special exhibition, Made in Japan in April, a member of the executive committee has contacted us again for another performance at the same site, Museum of Ethnology, in Vienna. The concert stage, set in a dome-like hall, had a fantastic sound effect and was the ideal place for gagaku and bugaku. Both the audience and the performers were pulled into the world of the subtle and profound. (More¨)

Kangen Concert at Leuven, Belgium
November 16, 2009
The Gagaku concert was planned as part of an educational program of the Catholic University of Leuven and received the support of the Embassy of Japan in Belgium and Belgium-Japan Association & Chamber of Commerce (BJA). Explanations of Gagaku were given to help the audience's further understanding for Japanese culture. About 520 people were attended.  (More¨)

The Classical dances of the Silk Road
Nataraj July 11-12, 2009
Nataraj Performing Arts of India from western Massachusetts, USA and Kitanodai Gagakukai had a joint performance. Gagaku, perfected during the Heian period in Japan under the influence of the Asian continent, and the Indian classical dances, greatly influenced the dances in Asian countries, joined together for this concert to explore their roots and connections.  (More¨)

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